Flag Football Leagues

Our Flag Football Leagues are a great way for children to get involved in a sport they love, or want to learn. Our leagues welcome beginners and those who want to keep up their game on the off season. Our indoor turf fields are a great space for non contact flag football. We also have experienced coaches who play as the QB to ensure equal playing time and a chance to touch the ball in game play.


Grades 1-3 have a chance to play. They will develop and learn skills like, receiving, rushing, and defense. They will learn the basics of the game. Our coaches will play quarterback to ensure equal playing time, allowing everyone to touch the ball and succeed.


Grades 4-5 have a chance to play and have fun. New skills will be learned, while enhancing existing ones. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has played before, our flag program is a great way to enjoy the game in a controlled, non contact environment.


Grades 6-8 get to play in a non contact football league where they will learn skills and play lots of scrimmage games. They will have the chance to play both offence and defense. And with our experienced coaches who play QB, every player will get the chance to catch passes and make touchdowns.

More Football

Intro Flag

Little ones, ages 5-6, get the chance to learn fun new skills of football. As well as having the opportunity to play imaginative games, do drills with their friends, and be active.

Varsity Flag

Teens aged 14-17yrs who want to play their favourite game on the off season or just a place to have fun, our flag football program is the place to be.


We offer classes and leagues in the summer, for ages 5-15yrs. Giving your child the opportunity to play outside in the sun, getting active, learning and playing football safely.


For ages 8-14yrs. Our camp has full scrimmage games, skills, drills and other related games. This is the perfect place for someone who is passionate about the sport.