Flag Football

Flag Football at Soccer World offers young players a chance to develop and play in a fun and safe environment. Our staff coaches incorporate practice and games into the weekly indoor football program. Everyone gets a chance to catch, run the ball and make tackles. And because our staff play quarterback everyone gets the ball thrown to them and chances to make plays. Other coaches teach from the field on the defensive side, and call the game from the sidelines. Key to the success of the indoor flag football program is our commitment to fair and equal playing time.

Intro Flag

Introductory Flag Football (5-6yrs) with drills and imaginative games. High energy programs keep children engaged and having fun. Energetic coaches progressively introduce new skills, routes, and terminology so players are able to scrimmage. Controlled football games evolve to place kids in game situations where they get to catch under pressure and score touchdowns.

Youth Leagues

Youth Flag Football leagues (grade 1-3, 4-5 and 6-8) offers players (7-14yrs) a chance to develop and play in a fun, safe and non-contact environment. Throughout the season, football players will be taught the fundamentals of throwing, receiving, rushing, and defense. From the skills practice to the draft, we make our young players feel like they’re in the pros! High energy staff quarterbacks ensure all players get to catch, run the ball and succeed, regardless of their abilities.

Varsity Flag

Varsity (15-17yrs) Flag Football offers experienced and new high school students a chance to develop their skills in a safe and supportive environment. 5 on 5 indoor flag football using rules adapted for indoors. Teams will be drafted following the first week "pre-season" evaluations. We offer the unique experience of having the players be the quarterbacks.

Soccer World Flag Football has long been a parent favourite. No contact and fair play. As a result, the youth football programs sell out. Limited by space and time the indoor program has 6 junior and 2 divisions of senior teams. Once full, we are unable to take additional players. Don't be left on the sidelines, register early!