Intro 5-6 Football introduces young players to Flag Football with drills and imaginative games in a high energy environment because we believe children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. Our energetic coaches progressively introduce new skills, routes, and terminology so players are able to scrimmage. This program aims to prepare players for the full game so our controlled scrimmages place kids in game situations where they not only get to catch, but also where they can score touchdowns.


Our introductory flag football program is a great way to show your little one the game. Weekly sessions with imaginative games and skills taught in a fun way will keep your little ones active and engaged. Our coaches are well trained and love working with kids to ensure the best time while learning a new skill.

  • St Mary's High School
  • Mondays, 5:30 & 6:30pm
  • Players ages 5-6yrs
  • Jerseys are provided
  • Drills, Games, & coach led scrimmage
summer intro flag football

Other Football Programs

Soccer World football programs introduce children to the game of football and teach the fundamentals so if they choose they may continue playing at a higher level. Many of our players also play in other leagues including Hamilton Mighty Football Factory, 5on5 and Sportball. And a number of players continue to play in high school and with organizations including Hamilton Football Association playing as Junior & Varsity Tiger-Cats.