Indoor Adult Soccer Leagues

The adult Indoor Soccer League includes men's soccer, women's soccer and COED soccer leagues, each with multiple divisions. Games are played at Soccer World. Programs run in the fall and winter. Although we run summer leagues, they are not played at the dome. Our games are officiated by senior adult referees. And both amateurs, semi-pro and retired professionals participate on a recreational basis. The majority of players participate year round and many play in Ontario Soccer outdoor summer leagues. On occasion, we run one day indoor tournaments.

Fall Soccer League

  • Oct 17 - Jan 20, 2022
  • league games + playoffs
  • holidays avoided
adult soccer leagues

Winter Soccer

  • Jan 23 - May 7
  • league games + playoffs
  • holidays avoided

Men's Soccer

Mens League

  • Wednesdays A, B & Thursdays C, 35+
  • FALL Oct 27-Jan 27
  • WINTER Feb 2-Apr 28
  • Sundays - II, III divisions
  • FALL Oct 17-Jan 16
  • WINTER Jan 23-May 7 (off Feb 20 & Apr 17)
  • Team & Individual entries
  • $2,000 (incl HST) per team
  • $25 annual membership

Women's Soccer

Womens League

  • Mondays
  • B,C divisions
  • FALL Oct 18-Jan 17
  • WINTER Jan 31-May 2
  • Team & Individual entries
  • $2,000 (incl HST) per team
  • $25 annual membership

COED Soccer

COED Soccer League

  • Sundays
  • FALL Oct 17-Jan 16
  • WINTER Jan 23-May 7 (off Feb 13, 20, Apr 17)
  • B,C,D,E divisions
  • Fridays
  • Rec Division
  • $2,000 (incl HST) per team
  • $25 annual membership

NEW for 2021

SIN BIN (Yellow Card + Temporary Dismissal)

  • If a player receives a Yellow card for dissent by word or action directed towards the referee, the player will receive the Yellow card AND be directed towards the "Sin-Bin" and temporarily dismissed. The referee will indicate a temporary dismissal by showing a Yellow card and then clearly pointing with both arms to the players bench.
  • If a goalkeeper receives the temporary dismissal, the team may select another on-field player to serve the time.
  • The offending team must play short for 9 minutes.
  • The temporary dismissal period begins when play restarts after the player has left the field of play. Once the temporary dismissal period has been completed, the player can return from the touchline with the referee’s permission, which can be given while the ball is in play. The referee has the final decision as to when the player can return. A temporarily dismissed player can not be substituted until the end of the temporary dismissal period.
  • A player who is still serving a temporary dismissal at the end of the match is permitted to take part in kicks from the penalty mark (penalties).
  • A temporarily dismissed player should remain within the technical area.
  • A temporarily dismissed player who commits a cautionable (YC) or sending-off (RC) offense during their temporary dismissal period will take no further part in the match and may not be replaced or substituted

Soccer World indoor leagues provide year round opportunities to play soccer. A perfect way to continue friendships, and maintain fitness.

Soccer World facility is located at 104 Frid Street (near Main St & Dundurn St) in Hamilton and includes two artificial turf fields covering 44,000 sq ft. The fields are primarily used for soccer and football, youth clinics and both youth and adult leagues. In addition, the fields are also used by baseball, cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, golf, lawn bowling, Quidditch and rugby groups. Soccer World offers several programs for kids including introductory soccer classes, clinics, camps and leagues. Following our summer camps, the indoor Fall season runs from September to December, continued by the Winter season which runs from January to April. In May and June we offer end of year school trips.