Waterdown Soccer

Soccer World is excited to return with a Flamborough soccer program again this summer. Easily accessible from Hamilton, Burlington or Flamborough, this outdoor program will run once a week on Saturday mornings at City View Park. Classes and leagues will run on a beautiful all-weather turf field with lots of parking available. Our team of exceptional coaches is looking forward to getting outdoors and getting active with your kids!

Our Waterdown soccer program welcomes all skill levels, ages 17 months-10 years. Both introductory soccer and baseball programs are also available for toddlers and and pre-schoolers. All of our beginner Soccer and Baseball classes for ages 1&2 years are parent participation and are designed to teach the basics with lots of ball touches and repetition. Coaches will focus on balance and coordination while incorporating a ball into fun games and drills. Parents can enjoy time with their child while they encourage them to listen to instructions and take part in an organized activity. Classes for 3&4 yrs are independent and emphasize ball movement and key motor skills. The 3&4’s will also be introduced to scrimmages which will prepare them for soccer games in the 6 years and under league and beyond

For Flamborough soccer families with children ages 5-10 years, we have small-sided leagues where more time is devoted to games. Warm-up and drills are first,  followed by a game in which coaches provide on-field encouragement and tactical advice such as player positioning and ball control. At all levels, coaches bring high energy, ensure full participation and emphasize fun and fair-play.

Waterdown soccer programming runs on Saturdays with different age groups  running concurrently. This allows for convenient scheduling for siblings who can play at the same time, on the same day.


Waterdown soccer program

  • Registration opens in January
  • Programs start in June and runs for 12 weeks
  • Players should wear cleats, hat & sunscreen
  • Parents should bring camp-style chairs
  • Bring refillable water bottle
  • Coaches have a first aid kit with equipment
  • Sessions run in the rain and and adhere to "Flash to Bang 30/30"

Coaches at Waterdown location

  • love sports and are hired for their energy and enthusiasm
  • pass "Vulnerable Sector" Police Check & Soccer World screening
  • complete age-specific, program and teaching model training
  • live in Hamilton or Burlington and most are University or College students

Fine Print

Other locations with different schedules

Dundas soccer

Sundays at Olympic Park

Westdale soccer

Wed & Thur at Churchill Park

Community Soccer by Soccer World is proud to introduce thousands of children to the game. Our coaches delight in teaching our young soccer players the game they love and enjoy. And as a company we are pleased to support our community by employing almost 100 young people each summer.

We are a house league. And our core beliefs include fair and equal playing time. We are thrilled that a number of our players have progressed and now play on competitive teams for Flamborough Dundas Soccer and other Hamilton Soccer clubs. Our mission is to introduce the love of the game and seeing our players succeed at these higher levels is gratifying.