Flag Football

Junior Flag Football (7-9yrs) offers experienced and new players a chance to develop and play in a fun, safe and non-contact environment. Coaches focus on the basics including routes, receiving & coverage. And in our fair play league everyone scores points!

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Each week begins with a short warm-up before playing a game where, because our coach is the QB, everyone gets a chance to catch and run the ball. Our focus is on the basics of the game, including routes, positioning and defensive strategies. From the first week to the championship game, we make the players feel like they’re in the pros!

Intro Flag

Introducing new players (5-6yrs) to football with imaginative games, drills, and scrimmages where during the season play evolves into full games with touchdowns!


High scoring games for 10-14yrs of all skill levels where experienced coaches play QB ensuring everyone gets the chance to be successful.

Varsity Flag

Full action football for high schoolers (14-17yrs) with adult referees, player QB's and rushers. Intense and very competitive.


Leagues (7-15yrs) and classes (5-6yrs) where players will learn new skills and play games in a fun, non-contact environment.


Individual and small group drills & games with lots of time for scrimmages. Football camp will challenge your (8-14yrs) player, while keeping them active and engaged!

Soccer World Football has long been a parent favourite. No contact and fair play. As a result, the youth football leagues sell out. Limited by fields & schedules, once full, we are unable to take additional players. Don't be left on the sidelines, register early!