Soccer World

Soccer World is a 46,000 indoor space with two artificial turf fields. Home to year round soccer, football, camps and more.

Common in Northern Europe, the Soccer World air-supported structure was one of the first in Canada. Manufactured by The Farley Group and built on the former Hamilton Hydro Frid Street yard, the dome opened to players in January 2002.

At Soccer World we take pride in our coaches abilities. With an extensive training program, we ensure that our staff is high energy and well versed in their area, whether that be baseball camp, volleyball coaching, or soccer skills, our coaches and staff are well prepared to help you!

Predominantly a Fall & Winter adult soccer facility the focus expanded with new management in 2010. At that time, a wide array of youth and child programs were introduced. From modest beginnings the summer camp and youth soccer programs have grown to become one of the city's largest. Fall & Winter leagues include soccer, football & baseball, and include leagues for 5yrs through oldtimers. Each year over 100 coaches deliver various programs from Soccer World.

When you enter you will be greeted by warm and friendly staff members. Here at Soccer World we are a well oiled machine, and welcome you to join!

Live action at Soccer World can be viewed using LiveBarn.


Soccer World Programs

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