Junior Flag Football offers experienced and new players a chance to develop and play in a fun, safe and non-contact environment. Staff coaches begin with a short practice before playing a game where everyone gets a chance to catch and run the ball. Throughout the season, football players will be taught the fundamentals of receiving, rushing, and defense as they rotate between offense and defense.

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  • St Mary's High School
  • Mondays 5pm-8pm
  • Fridays 5pm-8pm
  • Coach quarterbacks
  • Fair and equal play

Other Football programs

Soccer World football programs introduce children to the game of football and teach the fundamentals so if they choose they may continue playing at a higher level. Many of our players also play in other leagues including Hamilton Mighty Football Factory, 5on5 and Sportball. And a number of players continue to play in high school and with organizations including Hamilton Football Association playing as Junior & Varsity Tiger-Cats.