Varsity (15-19yrs) Flag Football offers experienced and new high school students a chance to develop their skills in a safe and supportive environment. 5 on 5 indoor flag football using rules adapted for indoors. Teams will be drafted following 4 week pre-season where teams will change each week.

Indoor Season

  • Soccer World
  • Nov 27 - April 23, 2022
  • pre-season, league + playoffs
  • Soccer World
  • Saturday afternoons (noon-3pm)
  • Adapted indoor Flag rules
  • Drafted teams
  • pre-season scrimmages (Nov 27-Dec 18)
  • league & playoffs (Jan 8-Apr 23)
  • Adult officials
  • Jersey included
  • Individual registrations
high school indoor football

Soccer World Football has long been a parent favourite. No contact and fair play. As a result, the youth football programs sell out. Limited by space and time the indoor program allows only 4 teams. Once full, we are unable to take additional players. Don't be left on the sidelines, register early!