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PA Day Camp brings all your favorite sports camp activates all into one action packed day!  Children between Junior Kindergarten and grade six can play field games, sports, and of course, they all get a turn on the bouncy castles. We offer options for early care and after care.  We have designed our camp curriculum not only to keep you children active, but also to teach them useful skills they can apply in their sports lives outside of camp.  We offer PA day camps for all Hamilton public, and catholic school board PA days, as well as all public holidays throughout the school year.

Athletics - Baseball - Bouncers - Cricket - Dodge ball - Field games - Footy - Frisbee - Handball - Field hockey - Parachutes - Rugby - Roccer - Track & Field - Volleyball

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PA Days (2023-2024)

  • Sep 5, Sep 22, Oct 20, Nov 17, Jan 26, Mar 1, Apr 1, Apr 19, June 7
  • Boys and girls JK through gr. 6
  • Sport Camp runs from 9am-3:45pm
  • Drop-off (8:30-9am) & pick-up (3:45-4pm)
  • Bring a lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle
  • Extended care (8am-6pm) available
PA Day Camp