March Break Camp at Soccer World

Soccer World Sports Camp offers active children ages 4-11 a high energy day camp during the school Spring Break. Days begin with different field games like soccer and a series of high intensity sports like football, lacrosse, hockey, handball, dodge ball and track & field. Afternoons at sports camp keep the fun going with more games and sports, some lower intensity team building & challenge games, and always lots of free time on the bouncy castles. Our structured camp curriculum is designed to keep your child active, learning and always having fun!

Camp Activities

Soccer World Sports Camp is all about playing and introducing boys and girls to new sports and games in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is to introduce basic skills and rules of the games. As such, our campers will never be picked last for a team in the school yard. Some of the games and sports we play at camp:

baseball - bouncers - dodge ball - field games - floorball - football - footy - frisbee - handball - hockey

lacrosse - parachutes - rugby - soccer - tchoukball - track & field

March 13-17, 2023 Camp Details

  • Boys and girls ages 4yrs-11yrs
  • Sport Camp runs from 9am-3:45pm
  • Drop-off (8:30-9am) & pick-up (3:45-4pm)
  • Bring a lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle
  • Extended care (8am-6pm) available

Camp Coaches


The Soccer World facility is located at 104 Frid Street (near Main St & Dundurn St) in Hamilton and includes two artificial turf fields covering 44,000 sq ft. The fields are primarily used for soccer and football, youth clinics and both youth and adult leagues. In addition, the fields are also used by baseball, cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, golf, lawn bowling, Quidditch and rugby groups. Soccer World offers several programs for kids including introductory soccer classes, clinics, camps and leagues. Following our summer camps, the indoor fall season runs from September to December, continued by the Winter season which runs from January to April. In May and June we offer end of year school trips.

March Break Camp at Wentworth

The HamOnt Sports family understands how important location can be to keep family close and make balancing work and child care easier. This is why we offer multiple locations to help make finding a camp March break easy and accessible.

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