Soccer 6v6 Game Rules

indoor GK

Rules for 6v6 soccer follow Ontario Soccer Playing Rules for Indoor Soccer with the following exceptions:

Players and Rosters

  • All players must be registered and on the roster prior to playing.
  • A full team is 6 (5+GK).  A forfeit occurs when a team is missing more than 2 players. If a team is short players and would like to add a non-roster player in order to avoid forfeit, that player must be a current member, with paid membership and completed waiver, and be approved by the opposing team prior to the start of the game. If a non-roster player is used without prior opposing team consent, the result is recorded as 5-0 against the team using the non-roster player.
  • Coed leagues require at least two (2) female players on the field at all times. In the absence of two female players, teams must play short as a male player may not replace a female player in a coed league.
  • Teams may have up to twelve (18) registered players on the roster.
  • No additions to team rosters after 2/3's of league games have been played.

COED Teams & Female Players

COED teams must play with at least two women at all times. In cases where there is only one women on the field the team must play with one less player. In cases where there are no women, the game is a forfeit.

Players and Rosters

Unlimited substitutions at any time in the game within 1 meter of player bench.

Game Duration

  • League games are 2x20 or 2x25min minutes with a one (1) minute half time.
  • Tournament games are 1x25 minutes with stoppage time in the last minute.
  • Clock will start at scheduled game time with one (1) minute added to the total duration of the half.
  • Clock may be stopped or time may be added, at the discretion of the referee, for injury, player cautioning, sending off, or any other circumstances resulting in loss of playing time.

Scores & Mercy Rule

  • Max goals difference in a game is 5 goals
  • Max goals recorded for a single player in a game is 5

Players Equipment

Shin Pads

  • Mandatory shin pads (concealed by stockings or track pants), and outdoor cleats or indoor shoes
  • Players not wearing shin pads must leave field immediately.

Braces & Casts

  • Sport-specific (light weight, smooth, soft exterior, plastic) and (bubble) wrapped (metal and plaster) braces & casts are acceptable if they provide sufficient cushion and safety to other players.
  • Aggressive, sloppy and/or dangerous play while wearing a brace or cast is not acceptable. Players wearing a brace or cast assume all liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their choice.


  • Necklaces, bracelets and chains must be removed.
  • Removal of all piercing and body jewellery is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all players. Referees will not turn away players with taped piercings and body jewellery, however, if a player wishes to play with jewellery (however concealed) they assume all responsibility and liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their choice


  • Active Sports Eyewear with a head strap is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for players who require corrective eyewear. Referees will not turn away players who do not have Active Sports Eyewear, however, if a player wishes to play with glasses they must have a head strap and they assume all responsibility and liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their eyewear choice


  • Head coverings may be worn although it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED the fabric of such be elastic and tight fitting so as not to become a strangulation and/or tripping hazard. Players wearing head coverings during play assume all responsibility and liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their clothing choice. Referees will not turn away players who wear head coverings.
  • Shorts, track pants and/or tights are the preferred clothing while playing soccer, however, player's may choose to wear alternate/additional clothing during play as long as the player is clearly identifiable as to which team they belong and have their number clearly visible on their back. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that if a player wears a skirt, the length should not fall below the ankle and be appropriately designed and worn so as not to become a tripping hazard. Players wearing skirts during play assume all responsibility and liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their clothing choice. Referees will not turn away players who wear skirts.

Ball out of Play

  • Ball is out of play when it has wholly crossed the line on the ground or in the air.
  • Ball is out of play when it touches the roof or dome, the game is restarted at a point below where it touched the roof with an indirect free kick for the non-offending team.
  • If a ball touches the roof or dome above the goal area, the game is restarted with an indirect free kick outside the box if the ball came off a defending player. If the ball was last touched by an attacking player, a goal kick is awarded.

Ball in Play

  • Ball must be returned to play from the nearest point to where it left the field.
  • Ball must be stationary when it is put back into play.
  • Opposing players must be at least three (3) meters from the stationary ball.
  • All kicks are indirect.

Penalty Kick

  • Penalty kick is taken from 8 meters from the goal line and without obstruction of the opposing team
  • All players must be three (3) meters back from the the ball
  • Goal keeper must have both feet on the goal line at the time the ball is moved

Sliding & Slide Tackles

Sliding to play a ball or keep it in bounds is permitted, if there is no attempt to contact an opposing player. If an opponent is close to the ball and the slide will interfere with his playing of the ball, or potentially make contact, the slide is not allowed.


No offside rule.

Penalties & Discipline

  • Yellow cards are recorded beside the offending player on the game sheet.
SIN BIN (Yellow Card + Temporary Dismissal)
  • If a player receives a Yellow card for dissent by word or action directed towards the referee, the player will receive the Yellow card AND be directed towards the "Sin-Bin" and temporarily dismissed. The referee will indicate a temporary dismissal by showing a Yellow card and then clearly pointing with both arms to the players bench.
  • If a goalkeeper receives the temporary dismissal, the team may select another on-field player to serve the time.
  • The offending team must play short for 4 minutes.
  • The temporary dismissal period begins when play restarts after the player has left the field of play. Once the temporary dismissal period has been completed, the player can return from the touchline with the referee’s permission, which can be given while the ball is in play. The referee has the final decision as to when the player can return. A temporarily dismissed player can not be substituted until the end of the temporary dismissal period.
  • A player who is still serving a temporary dismissal at the end of the match is permitted to take part in kicks from the penalty mark (penalties).
  • A temporarily dismissed player should remain within the technical area.
  • A temporarily dismissed player who commits a cautionable (YC) or sending-off (RC) offense during their temporary dismissal period will take no further part in the match and may not be replaced or substituted
  • Offending player must leave the facility. Red is noted on game sheet and report completed after game.
  • The offending team must play short for 4 minutes.
  • Players shown a Red Card are assessed penalties according to the Ontario Soccer player discipline table.
  • Players receiving a Red Card are also fined an automatic $100 and miss at least one (1) game.
  • Tournament Red Cards are an automatic $100 fine and the player misses the next game.
  • Two (2) Yellows = Red.
  • Second sliding tackle is a Red Card offence.

Defaults & 'Not enough players' to start

  • Default and no-show games are recorded as 3-0
  • Tournament defaults are recorded as 3-0

Tie Breakers

  • Best of three (3) penalty kicks to determine a game winner using any player on the roster
  • If required, alternating kicks using all players before any one player kicks twice
  • Coed leagues must alternate male and female players, regardless of the number of male and female players on the roster.


    1. points where win = 3, tie = 1 and loss = 0
    2. head to head
    3. goal differential
    4. number of wins
    5. total goals scored
    6. coin toss​