Summer Touch Football

Men's Outdoor Summer Touch Football has 3 tiers. The league is played in the summer. Run by Soccer World games are played on grass and artificial turf fields. Games follow the TFONT 7on7 rules and are scheduled around tournaments. Many teams playing in our league also play in TFONT tournaments.

Summer Touch Football is a variant of tackle football with similar rules but instead of tackling players to the ground, the person carrying the ball need only be touched by a member of the opposite team to end a down. Our games are played by amateurs and some retired professionals on a recreational basis. The majority of players participate in the Soccer World and Player's Paradise indoor leagues.

Summer Touch Football

7 on 7 League details

  • Saturday & Sunday games
  • half games on turf fields
  • 8+ league games
  • 2+ playoff games
  • mid-week rescheduled games
  • 3 tiers
  • 3-official crews
  • 4-official crews for playoffs
  • $2,200 (incl HST) per team
  • $20 membership fee



  • Saturday mornings (grass)
  • Saturday afternoons (turf)
  • Sunday mornings (turf/grass)



  • July 17 - September 19
  • no games July 31/Aug 1


  • Sep 24/25 & Oct 2/3

COVID playing rules

  • game day roster size TBD
  • masks TBD
  • contact TBD

TFONT - Touch Football Ontario

Touch Football Ontario was an organization born out of necessity. Firstly to provide a unified voice for the sport of Touch Football within the province, however, more importantly, it was developed from the desire of participants wanting to compete and interact with one another across Ontario and between provinces on an equitable and national level.

Over the past two decades, the organization has evolved to a point where it provides many valuable services to the Touch Football playing community in Ontario. It promotes and delivers educational programs and opportunities for coaches and officials to improve skills. It provides skill development programs for athletes of all ages, and competitive opportunities for participants. Touch Football Ontario also provides opportunities to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of the athletes and volunteers.

Members and participants view Touch Football Ontario as the leader of the sport in Ontario. As such, Touch Football Ontario has developed and implements standards for competition, safety and education. The organization acts to administer plans to ensure that the sport thrives in the province of Ontario. To this end, the organization has developed a variety of programs and entered into partnerships with other bodies to improve the financial stability of the sport and to acquire the necessary resources that will allow for growth to occur.

Touch Football Ontario is incorporated as a non-profit organization whose objectives are to provide a well-organized, non-profit Touch Football Association in the province of Ontario, as well, to provide a service beneficial to any individual desiring to be involved in Touch Football.