"Hockey without skating"

Spring session starts May 6th, 2022 at Coronation Arena

Floorball is floor hockey played with a light-weight stick and wiffle ball. The game combines the skills of hockey and indoor soccer. Players run, pass, shoot and stick handle, scoring goals in a high energy non-contact environment. The non-contact rules and scrimmage format means players of any skill level can pick it up quickly.

Starting as young as 4yrs old there is something for kids and teens of all ages. Players 5yrs-12yrs get skills development and play games. Teens and adult programs are all games, offering social and fun competition.

The game is great for experienced hockey players looking to improve and keep up their skills in the off-season. Floorball is also a good way for new players to try the game without the need to be a good skater, and is the perfect place to meet new friends and try something new!

Spring Session starts May 6th

  • 4yrs - skills & scrimmages introduced
  • 5-12yrs - short practice & games
  • 13-18yrs - games
  • adults - recreational games
  • Friday nights
  • 7 weeks

Improve your hockey skills, or if you don’t play hockey, learn to play the fundamentals with a lighter stick, and increased hand-eye control!

Running shoes, helmet with cage and floorball stick is all you need. Protective gloves are advised.

No checking, no stick lifts or presses, no jumping, the ball cannot hit your head or arm, and no grabbing the ball. A simple set of rules that keeps the game safe and fast paced - the recipe for fun!

Formerly operated as Westdale Floorball and West Hamilton Floorball at Coronation Arena in Hamilton.

adult floorball

Game Rules

Numbers of Players

Games are scalable and size is determined by age. Boards are moved in and out depending on age group. Small area games with younger children 3 on 3, 4 on 4 and 5 on 5 with the oldest groups.


Players shift on the fly. Referees aid in this to ensure all players get even playing time as well as  to ensure that kids shift off.

Game Length

For the majority of players (4-12yrs), the weekly session is started with some non-structured play where each player has their own ball and practises individually. Players will be guided through a series of warm-up drills, skills and individual stick handling games that is progressive and encompasses shooting, stick handling, passing and scrimmage situations. Then we divide the players into balanced and even teams for game play. Action is continuous and controlled by the coach/referees using "on the fly substitutions". Our older players, 13yrs and up do not have warm-up skills and drills and will spend as much time as possible playing games.

Goal Area

In the Goal Crease, the goalie will use their hands, so no player or stick may enter the goal crease at any time. A free hit is given and no goal is applied if a player from the other team enters this area. If a player from the same team enters his own goal crease, the other team gets the ball.

Floorball Sticks

floorball game

The Floorball stick is not only shorter than a hockey stick, it is also more flexible and has a curved aerodynamic blade. Fibreglass shafts keep the sticks light. Because air can flow through the plastic blades players get better handling and control of the ball. Sticks should be belly button height or a few inches higher.

Floorball Stick
floorball for all ages

Soccer World programs

Soccer World, located at 104 Frid Street, offers a number of Fall, Winter and Summer youth and adult sports and camp programs, including soccer, football and baseball. Clinics, leagues and camps for youth should be instructional, fair play and engaging. We are all about safety, fun and learning. Floorball is a program that is instructional, engaging, fair play, active and fun.