Touch Football Policies

Weather Cancellation Philosophy

Soccer World recommends taking caution when deciding to play in extreme heat and/or during unstable storm conditions. The decision to play or not ultimately rests with the player.

Snow Day Cancellation

League games may be cancelled due to the weather conditions at the facility. The decision to cancel leagues will be made 3 hours prior to kick-off and communicated via Social Media and email to all participants. Unfortunately, no credit or refund can be provided for cancelled games.

Extreme Heat

Games are played regardless of temperature and/or humidex. During extreme heat officials may slow games to allow for additional water breaks.

Rain, Thunder & Lightning

Games are played in the rain.

In cases of unstable storm conditions programs will be cancelled at the field using the “Flash to Bang 30/30 Rule” method. With this method the seconds are counted from the time a flash of lightning is seen until a clap of thunder is heard or vice versa. When this number is 30 seconds or less, the game is cancelled and evacuation of the field will begin immediately.

Field Closures

Programs operate on rented properties and may be closed for reasons outside our control. City of Hamilton & BGT may close their grass fields due to rain and/or field conditions and turf fields may be closed due to flooding. If facilities are closed classes/games are cancelled and will not be made-up.

Field Safety​

Soccer World rents fields from third parties who maintain varying degrees of cleanliness and safety. Although we make reasonable efforts to provide a safe environment there is still risk and parents are required to monitor their "non-participating" children while at the facilities. In particular, parents are asked to keep their children away from the pond at Redeemer, out from under the bleachers at STM, and off goal posts & nets at all facilities.

First Aid Supplies

League convener has a basic First Aid kits with band aids and cold packs at the field.

Player Equipment


  • Sport-specific (light weight, smooth, soft exterior, plastic) and (bubble) wrapped (metal and plaster) braces & casts are acceptable if they provide sufficient cushion and safety to other players.
  • Aggressive, sloppy and/or dangerous play while wearing a brace or cast is not acceptable. Players wearing a brace or cast assume all liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their choice.


  • Necklaces, bracelets and chains must be removed.
  • Removal of all piercing and body jewelry is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all players. Referees will not turn away players with taped piercings and body jewelry, however, if a player wishes to play with jewelry (however concealed) they assume all responsibility and liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their choice


  • Active Sports Eye wear with a head strap is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for players who require corrective eye wear. Referees will not turn away players who do not have Active Sports Eye wear, however, if a player wishes to play with glasses they must have a head strap and they assume all responsibility and liability to the safety of themselves and all other participants as a result of their eye wear choice.


Players must have completed waivers on file in order to play.


Facility memberships expire on August 31st. They are non-refundable and must be renewed annually.


Players added to the roster of any team are responsible for their:

  • individual membership fees,
  • team fees,
  • outstanding fines, and
  • completed liability waiver.


  • All players must be listed on team roster before start of the game.
  • Rosters may be updated at anytime, except after game 6. After game 6, managers will close team roster for the season. Players may not be added after roster has been closed.
  • Teams playing someone not on the roster will forfeit the game and receive a $100 team fine.
  • Protests of ineligible players must be made by the manager and recorded by the game official before the start of the second half. The game may continue while the protest is reviewed by league staff. If upheld, the team with the illegal player will be fined $100 and the game will be recorded as a forfeit.
  • Players on the final roster are jointly responsible for team fees and fines.
  • All players must sign the game sheet prior to start of each play-off game.


  • Player memberships and completed waivers are required to play.
  • Teams may be added to leagues without payment, however no teams will be scheduled without payment of at least $500.
  • Full team deposit of $1,000 is due no later than game 1.
  • Full team payment is due by game 4. Teams not paid in full by the end of game 4 will be removed from the schedule and forfeit any monies paid.


  • Players are required to play in a matching team jersey with a unique number or same colour jersey with unique number. Numbers must be recorded on game sheet or noted on the Official's game sheet.
  • Jersey numbers must be recorded by game 3.
  • Away team (on game sheet) must wear pinnies or an alternate colour if required. In play-offs the lower seeded team will wear pinnies if required.

No-Shows & Defaults

  • No-show teams will be fined $100.
  • No-show and defaults are recorded as 31-0 loss.

Schedule Requests

  1. Week one games are scheduled in order of deposit received.
  2. Schedule requests must be submitted by email prior to the Wednesday following the first league game.
  3. Teams may request a re-scheduled game upon payment of a $50 admin fee. Game change requests, if possible, are conditional of acceptance by the opposing team. If opposing team refuses, or the change is not possible, the schedule change fee will be refunded and the game played as originally scheduled. If team requesting game change is unable to field enough players, the game will be recorded as a forfeit.
  4. Semi-final and championship game times are not negotiable. Game times may not be requested, and no changes will be made.
  5. Playing on multiple teams is not a valid reason for a re-schedule.


Team fees are non-refundable. No refunds on any deposits or payments made towards team fees for teams that fold mid-season.

Game Scores

Managers are responsible for validating game scores within 72 hours of each game. League is not responsible for incorrect seeding if game scores were not corrected within the set time frame.

Division Assignments

Soccer World reserves the right to place teams in divisions and may move teams mid-season to balance skill levels and maintain the competitiveness of divisions.

Multiple Teams

Players may play on multiple teams in the same division, but must commit to one team during any playoff game conflicts.

Quarterbacks & Multiple Teams

  • Any QB (player who throws a forward pass) during the season cannot QB (throw a forward pass) for a lower division team during that same season.
  • Players may play on teams in different divisions, however players may only QB within the same division.
  • Playing on multiple teams is not a valid reason for a re-schedule.

Discipline & Fines

OC's are at the discretion of the game officials. Discipline is levied by the Football Officials discipline committee and any player receiving a game suspension must serve the penalty and pay a $100 fine. Payment of the fine must be settled by the team before the next game.

Behaviour Expectations

Repeated inappropriate behaviour may result in expulsion, and loss of deposits and payments, from the facility, leagues and programs. Soccer World reserves the right to refuse future registration to these persons and/or teams.