Covid Policies


Persons who have one of the following symptoms without a known cause should stay home and not come to Soccer World; fever, chills, new cough or worsening chronic cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat or difficulty swallowing, decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell, headaches, unexplained fatigue or muscle aches, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain, pink eye, purple toes, runny nose or nasal congestion without known cause.


Effective January 31, 2022, Soccer World will require proof of COVID-19 immunization for all persons (12yrs and older) entering the facility.

Admission will require photo ID (birth certificate or OHIP card for youth) and proof of vaccination (scanned QR code is required).

Medical exemptions will be accepted if confirmed with government QR code scan (must show "green check mark"). No exemptions without "green check mark" when QR code is scanned.


Mandatory masks or face covering is required at all times at Soccer World under City of Hamilton By-Law 20-155 and City of Hamilton By-law 20-202. The mask or face covering should cover your nose, mouth and chin, without gapping. Masks may be removed during strenuous activities under current City of Hamilton guidelines although Soccer World strongly recommends play while wearing masks.

Establishments can determine their own policies in addition to the by-law if they so choose. Soccer World acknowledges that there are people who cannot use face coverings and so Soccer World will accommodate these persons if they wear a face shield and always keep a 2m distance from others. Persons not wearing either a mask or face shield will be refused entry and no refund provided.

Contact Tracing

All persons entering the facility must be recorded with name/number for Health Department contact tracing purposes.

  • Class, clinic & camp participants must have current profiles including phone numbers on file.
  • League participants must have current profiles including phone numbers on file.
  • Weekly contracted group participants (repeating groups) must have current profiles including phone numbers on file and attached to respective group.
  • Team rentals (teams sanctioned by Provincial Sporting bodies) are responsible for recording & keeping (min. 4 weeks) attendance and name/number details.
  • One-off rental group participants must leave name/number contact details with staff upon entry.


Players under 18 may be accompanied by one adult.

Campers only (no parents/guardians) permitted in the facility during camp.

No spectators are permitted during adult leagues.


Capacity is limited to 50%.


Men's and Women's washrooms are restricted to two persons per washroom at any time.

Hand Washing & Sanitizing

Persons entering Soccer World must use hand sanitizer upon entry. Hand sanitizer is provided for use between activities and during time in the facility.

Facility Cleanliness

  • All high touch surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected frequently throughout the day.
  • Cleaning timetable will be established and followed, and cleaning logs will be maintained.
  • Washrooms will be disinfected after every cohort/group.
  • Overnight deep cleaning of the entire facility.
  • Bouncers will be assigned to one cohort for the day and sanitized after use.
  • Only equipment made of material which can be properly cleaned and disinfected will be used in classes, clinics & camps.

Traffic Flow

Persons shall enter and exit the facility avoiding coming in contact with other users.


Class, clinic & camp equipment is cleaned by staff after each use. Teams must provide their own equipment (balls, cones).

Public vs Private Spaces

Soccer World front reception area (behind glass screen), offices and change rooms are for staff only. No other persons may enter the private space.

Change Rooms

Soccer World change rooms and are closed and off limits.

Camp Screening

  • Daily review of screening questionnaire required before entry to camp.
  • Parent/guardian responsibility to check child's temperature at home prior to arrival.
  • Unwell children shall not attend camp.
  • Daily screening for coaches and facility staff using self-assessment tool.
  • Drop off & pick-up will be facilitated outside and parents are not permitted to enter the building.
  • Parents must wear masks when dropping off or picking up children.

Camp Operations

  • Coaches and campers will be assigned to cohorts which will be maintained for the duration of the week (campers in the same social bubble will be assigned to the same group where possible).
  • Each cohort will be assigned a home area where they will spend the majority of their time.
  • Washroom breaks will be staggered to minimize contact with other cohorts.
  • Coaches and staff will wear masks at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available and with every cohort at all times.
  • Hand washing will be scheduled and encouraged throughout the day.
  • Coaches and staff will encourage physical distancing wherever possible throughout the day.

Management of Illness at Camp

  • Any child reporting they are unwell, or observed to be unwell will be immediately separated and evaluated.
  • Staff will use discretion with campers when hearing reports of symptoms, especially with younger campers.
  • Any person presenting possible COVID symptoms will be picked up by parent and Public Health advised.
  • Public Health direction as to procedures regarding return of child, communication to families and facility will be followed.