7-a-Cider Cup

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Men's 7v7 Soccer Tournament

The 7-a-Cider Cup is the first opportunity to play outdoors this season. This Hamilton soccer event is hosted by Soccer World and sponsored by Steel Town Cider. Running on Saturday, May 7th at St. Jean de Brébeuf School turf field this tournament is sure to be an epic event.

Tournament is run by Soccer World, a sports organization and not a member of Ontario Soccer. As such, rules for return to play, fees and player books are different than Ontario Soccer. Players will be required to sign the standard waiver and agree to Soccer World game rules. Unlimited roster size.

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Tournament details

  • 16 teams (first paid, first registered)
  • 3 games guaranteed
  • 2x25min
  • Top 12 teams make playoffs
  • Independent of Ontario Soccer
  • Sin Bin rule in effect
  • $400 (incl HST)
7v7 soccer

Soccer World summer leagues are for adult recreation. Men's 11v11 league offer a midweek (games on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and Sundays divisions. Women's 11v11 leagues run on Fridays (over 30) and Sundays (competitive and recreational). Small sided 7v7 leagues for men run on Wednesdays and Sundays. COED play on Thursdays and Women play on Fridays. Fields used for 11v11 leagues include school turf fields, BGT and city "A" class grass fields. All 7v7 leagues play on turf fields. Season extends from end of May thru August.

Fall and winter leagues are for adult recreation and play at Soccer World. Women's play on Mondays, COED on Fridays and Sundays and Men's on weeknights and Sundays. Fall runs between Thanksgiving and end of January. Winter runs February to end of April.